My Personal Chef: Meals to-go plan

Impress yourself, friends, and family by enjoying gourmet meals every day while leaving the shopping, cooking, and cleaning behind!

How it works:
Step 1: Fill out a customer profile online.
Step 2: Select your delicious menu items before Friday at 9 pm by clicking this link:
Step 3: Pick up your order Monday.
Step 4Have dinner for the week! All meals take minutes to prepare.

Enjoy wonderful and delicious menus that are different each and every week!

What we offer:

  • Ready-to-Serve Meals (only a microwave needed).
  • Prepared selections for the home chef (portioned, seasoned, and prepared but
  • not cooked. Oven/pan needed.)
  • A mix of healthy meals and comfort foods.
  • International cuisines.
  • Customized Menu Selections.


  • $80.00: Weekly Meal Package for one (CUSTOMER FAVORITE). Includes 5 full meals, 2 salad kits (4 servings), 2 diced fruits, 3 snacks. [Meals only offered for $50].
  • $150: Weekly Meal Package for two (CUSTOMER FAVORITE). Includes 10 full meals, 4 salad kits (8 servings), 4 diced fruits, 6 snacks. [Meals only offered for $90].
  • $300: Weekly Meal Package for four-five: Includes 16 full meals, 8 salad kits (16 servings), 8 diced fruits, 12 snacks. [Meals only offered for $145].

For an additional fee you can add on milk, eggs, deli meats and cheeses, additional snacks, breakfasts, or desserts! Custom menus are available- just ask!


Create a Preferred Customer Account by depositing money up front! Load your account with $300 and get a $20 bonus! Load your account with $500 and get a $40 bonus! (You can draw from your account anytime, orders do not have to be consecutive weeks!)

Seniors and referrals get special discounts! Contact us today! 972-272-7770 or email [email protected]!

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