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Traveling Spirits

Traveling Spirits – Mobile Bar – Food Truck

Creating A Unique Party Atmosphere Anywhere!

Traveling Spirits - Dallas Food Trucks


This unique mobile beverage service concept has been on John’s and Alice’s minds for quite some time. We have now launched our first mobile bar service vehicle in the Dallas – Fort Worth market, called Traveling Spirits. We are literally bringing the Party to You! Creating a unique party atmosphere virtually anywhere!

Planning a tail gate party? Outdoor roasting marshmallows with friends? Planning a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception?

Traveling Spirits is perfect for any occasion . . . holidays parties, corporate events (a great new way to thank your customers, employees & vendors!)

Service for non-alcohol options for the little ones include shaved ice snow cones, great for a child’s birthday party!

When it comes to hosting the perfect event, the sky is the literally the limit. We work with event coordinators, wedding planners, homeowner associations, and we also partner with local universities & charities. For fundraising events, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to help local charities to assist our local communities.


Please see our 2017 Traveling Spirits Rate Sheet for all of your FAQ’s to book your Mobile Bar and Food Truck event!


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